Oferta de prácticas en la NASA

La ETSINF ha recibido una oferta para la realización de prácticas renumeradas con posibilidad de PFC en la NASA Langley Research Center. Los alumnos que estén interesados deben enviar su C.V. a upe_inf_1@upvnet.upv.es hasta el martes 1 de marzo (incluido)

Call for NASA Visiting Summer Scholars
We are looking for a highly motivated undergraduate or masters student with excellent academic standing to work on an interesting NASA sponsored software development project over the summer. The successful applicant should have experience programming n a functional programming language (Lisp, Haskell, OCAML, etc) and some coursework in compilers. The summer visitor will be expected to make significant enhancement to a program that translates a subset of the modeling language used in SRI’s Prototype Verification System (PVS) into Java. The application is written in Common Lisp. Although we do not expect the candidate to know Lisp when they arrive we will expect them to learn it very quickly. A successful student should be able to use the summer project as the basis of a masters thesis.

The work will be performed under the direction of two research scientists at NASA Langley Research Center. The student must be proficient in English.

The job is located in Hampton Virginia., which is part of a large metropolitan area including Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Newport News, and Colonial Williamsburg. There are ample opportunities for weekend visits to nearby beaches, mountains, and cities such as Richmond, and Washington DC.