Charla invitada Semmle


El próximo jueves 8 de junio a las 10:00 en la sala de juntas del DSIC, se realiza una presentación por parte de  Arthur Baars de la empresa Semmle.

La charla tiene un doble objetivo:

1) Por un lado presentar su sistema de análisis de software, que es puntero a nivel mundial (entre sus clientes están Google, Microsoft, Dell, La Nasa, Credit Suisse…).

2) Por otro lado,  dado que la empresa va a abrir una sucursal en Valencia, se presentará el modelo de recursos humanos que siguen (tras la charla podrá entrevistarse con posibles candidatos).

Semmle: Making the world’s software better

Semmle has grown from a small spinout from the University of Oxford into the leading innovator in the field of software engineering analytics. Some of the most highly regarded software development organizations in the world use Semmle to develop better software faster. Built on groundbreaking compiler and data analysis research, Semmle enables developers, team leads, managers, and executives to gain actionable insights from the code created in their organisations.

In this presentation I’ll briefly introduce Semmle and our new webplatform, before diving into the technology behind all that we do. This is Semmle QL, a declarative, object-oriented  query language. It is a modern variant of Datalog. We’ll look into several industrial use cases of Semmle QL before exploring the QL language by example.

Finally, Semmle is ever expanding, and we’re always looking for new talent for our offices in Oxford, San Francisco, Copenhagen, New York, and our future office in Valencia! (more on that at the end of the presentation)