Anuncio de charla: «Modern security in an evolving world». Jueves 11/3. 12:30

Dentro del progama de charlas en colaboración con Xplore group, el próximo jueves 11 de marzo a las 12:30 y por el canal de Youtube de la escuela, se imparte el taller «Modern security in an evolving world».

Part 1: A small mistake?
When under pressure, a mistake is easily made. Any error, no matter how small, can have significant implications on a system. Today we present you with a real-life use case. A project, where different teams and the customer had to work together under high time pressure. Where a small mistake had major consequences. Where those major consequences had to be mitigated to prevent damage to the customer’s reputation.

An in-depth analysis and timeline, presented by Rutger Saelmans (Bsc & Ing Management & Security). Rutger is Managing Partner of nFuse, a Belgian company specialised in Application Managed Services. He and his team deliver top services to customers daily, and they make security a top priority.

Part 2: A Dev & Ops toolbox?
To carry out DevSecOps projects, you naturally need all kinds of tools. Instead of giving a simple list, we will link our examples to the case we discussed. They may not be the most obvious tools, but sometimes you need to think out of the box to come up with the right solutions!

Arif (Bsc DevSecOps expert) is the Technical Manager at nFuse. He is Rutger’s right hand, and together with him, he makes sure all projects run smoothly.