Oferta de empleo en ISAE-SUPAERO (Toulouse)

ISAE-SUPAERO is an international leader for higher education and research in aeronautics and
space. The CREME project aims at designing and building a flight model of a 3U CubeSat
nanosatellite. This CubeSat will carry a radiation monitor payload designed and developed by
ONERA. The partners of this FEDER Region Occitanie project are ONERA, ISAE-SUPAERO,
both founding members of the Toulouse University Space Center (CSUT) and project leaders, and
3 Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the space field (3D Plus, EREMS and TRAD). In the
framework of this project, ISAE-SUPAERO is recruiting a Flight Software / Embedded Systems
Engineer for the DCAS technical team.

Job description
The objective of this position is to support the development of the hybrid simulator whose architecture
corresponds to the one used for the CREME project, in particular to connect generic sensors
and actuators to the hybrid simulation bench already in place, and to master the entire associated
functional chain.
Concretely, the tasks will consist in choosing how to implement the interfacing of sensors/actuators
available between the OBC (on-board computer) and the host (the PC managing the simulation of
the space environment), and to document and facilitate the deployment of these sensors/actuators.
A good understanding of the flight software architecture will be necessary, as well as the communication
protocols used for this kind of systems (I2C, CAN bus…)
The person recruited will work in collaboration with the technical teams of the institute and one of
the challenges of the position is to ensure the sustainability of all this work for future projects of
nanosatellite platform.

Training and skills:

  • bachelor’s degree (or equivalent)
  • Mastery of C/C++.
  • Knowledge of communication buses (I2C, UART…)
  • Knowledge of Xilinx design tools (SDK and Vivado/Virtis)
  • Knowledge of compilation tools (make)
  • Knowledge of coding management tools (Git)
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Autonomy, versatility, rigor and ability to step back from one’s activities
    Optional Strengths:
  • experience on the Zynq target
  • experience in space engineering, design or development on CubeSat projects. – knowledge of
    hypervisor hardware virtualization concept

    Please indicate «[creme] application – Flight Software Internship» in the subject line of the email,
    and attach your resume and a cover letter if you wish to apply. Put in recipient the two contacts:
    Marc Justicia : marc.justicia-mayoral@isae-supaero.fr
    Thibault Gateau : thibault.gateau@isae.fr

Oferta de práctica en la empresa de UK TTP dirigida a estudiantes de ingeniería, ciencias y tecnología en el área de SOFTWARE PARA EL SECTOR HOSPITALARIO Y DE SALUD

Programa de prácticas de verano en la empresa británica “The Phoenix Partnership” (TTP),  dedicada a la creación de software para el sector hospitalario y de salud, y dirigido a estudiantes en su penúltimo año en las ramas de Ciencias, Tecnología e Ingeniería.


  1. El puesto está en la oficina de Leeds, United Kingdom
  2. Los candidatos deberán realizar unas prueba psicotécnicas (“Logic & Reasoning“)y una entrevista presencial en sus oficinas – lo que implica que los candidatos pre-seleccionados e interesados deberán viajar a Leeds
  3. Solamente para estudiantes en su penúltimo año
  4. La duración de la práctica es 3 meses
  5. La bolsa mensual es de 2.000 €

Toda la información sobre el puesto se puede encontrar en el documento adjunto, llamado “Traineeship Offer TTP”.

Para aplicar, hacedlo mediante este enlace: https://tpp-careers.com/roles/summer-internship-2022-software-developer/