Anuncio de Charla. Jueves 18/5. 12:30. Microservices as the key to building large systems in Deutsche Telekom

El próximo Jueves 18 de mayo a las 12:30 en el salón de actos de la ETSINF, Dmitry Volkov y Kirill Chernin de la empresa Deutsche Telekom imparte la charla: Microservices as the key to building large systems in Deutsche Telekom.

This presentation is about general principles of choosing main architecture approach for enterprise systems. You will learn about benefits and drawbacks a microservice architecture in practice and also about main patterns to build the microservice architecture.

Dmitry Volkov

I’m a system architect with over 14 years IT industry experience. I have expertise in enterprise systems, big data, microservices, mobile development, backend development and frontend development. I’ve participated in more than 20 successful projects in various roles from developer to CTO.

Kirill Chernin

I am HR professional who has held various HR roles in different companies over the past decade. Currently I am working as HR Lead at Deutsche Telekom IT, in department in Valencia. I am responsible for the recruitment, compensation and benefits, employee data administration, employee relations, and corporate culture management.