Seminario GFT: «Frameworks ágiles aplicados a proyectos de banca, en entornos críticos y distribuídos»


El próximo lunes 11 de Abril de 18:30  a 20:00, y el martes 12 de abril de 18:00 a 19:30 en el Aula AULA 1E 1.2 de la ETSINF, y dentro de la asignatura seminarios de empresa del MUIINF, la empresa GFT imparte un seminario sobre «Frameworks ágiles aplicados a proyectos de banca, en entornos críticos y distribuídos».


What are the principles behind any agile framework implementation?

What management theory are the foundations of those practices ?

What organisational challenges applying these apparently simple frameworks imply ?


After the initial landing on the industry, the frameworks have evolved and the awareness of the practices and tools has spread.

However, there’s still a gap to close on how those practices and techniques link to solid management principles (risk, communication, complexity models, queue theory, motivation…).


Agile frameworks are far more than the hype, the stand ups, and the post-its.

During this session we will go back to the strong management foundations that every agile or lean-based implementation must consider.

We’ll scan through how those principles are implemented by the Scrum, XP, Lean in time critical environments.

We’ll also review what other meta-frameworks have been developed to cater for the complexity, distributed, and scaling needs of complex organisations