Anuncio de charla: «cloud native / serverless» maibornwolff. Jueves 15/4, 12:30

El próximo jueves 15 de abril a las 12:30 por el canal de Youtube de la ETSINF, la empresa maibornwolff realiza una presentación sobre tecnología cloud.

Since more and more applications are run in the cloud, the need for tools and good practices for cloud-native software development rises. They simplify the design, maintenance, and operation of applications in the cloud. Our guest lecture will provide an insight into the cloud’s service offers: With Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS), developers do not implement most features on their own, but choose ready-to-use services, which a cloud provider offers.
The field of serverless recently emerged as a new cloud computing paradigm, allowing to efficiently develop and deploy scalable applications without having to manage any underlying infrastructure. It is increasingly gaining momentum within the cloud community and is even recognized to be the next fundamental evolution in cloud-native software development. It further abstracts away hardware and operational concerns of cloud-based software engineering. Within the second part of the proposed guest lecture, we share some of our real-world experience working on serverless and function-based projects. We will share our thoughts and solutions regarding opportunities and challenges that come with serverless technology.


Jochen Joswig, Software Engineer

Chamsedine Mansouri, Cloud Platform Engineering