HP Labs Innovation Research Program 2011

Los premios son becas del orden $50.000 a $75.000 para que estudiantes colaboren
con IP en los temas premiados.

Fechas importantes
Envío de propuestas del 4 de febrero al 7 de marzo de 2011

Áreas de investigación

Consulta el listado inferior. Para más información: http://www.hpl.hp.com/open_innovation/irp/HPL-IRP2011.pdf

Cloud & Security
Topic 1: Cloud Infrastructures, Platforms and Services
Topic 2: Security for the Enterprise

Information Analytics
Topic 3: Live Business Intelligence (Live BI)
Topic 4: Analytics for Information Technology
Topic 5: Information Management

Intelligent Infrastructure
Topic 6: Next Generation Data Centers
Topic 7: Nanoscale Sensors (CeNSE)
Topic 8: Intelligent Storage
Topic 9: Photonics
Topic 10: Information Theory

Mobile and Immersive Experience
Topic 11: Next Generation 3D
Topic 12: Seamless Collaboration
Topic 13: Rich and Intuitive (Simple) User Experiences

Networking and Communications
Topic 14: Open, Programmable Networking
Topic 15: Data Center and Cloud Networking Technologies
Topic 16: Wireless, Ad-Hoc Sensor Networks
Topic 17: Enabling Networking Technologies

Printing and Content Delivery
Topic 18: Product Line Engineering for Document Lifecycle
Topic 19: Automated Publishing
Topic 20: Integrated Print Quality Evaluation
Topic 21: Dynamic Stability of Heterogeneous Aqueous Dispersions with

Significant Dissimilar Physical Properties Services
Topic 22: Agile Services

Social Computing
Topic 23: Attention Allocation in Information-Rich Environments
Topic 24: Mobile Services for Personalized and Localized Information Access

Sustainable Ecosystems
Topic 25: Resource Management in Data Centers

Más información sobre listas de premiados de años anteriores: http://www.hpl.hp.com/open_innovation/irp/