Amazon: Webinars for students


Amazon would like to invite students looking for internship and full-time opportunities to join one of our upcoming virtual events.


Non-Technical Opportunities for Students in Spain – 11 November

This event will focus on the non-technical (business) student opportunities available in Amazon’s Spanish offices. The webinar will start with an introduction to Amazon, then recent student hires will talk about their experience and projects. The recruiter will talk about the various opportunities and discuss the application process and share some tips. We will then finish with a Q&A. The session will be delivered in English. Register here. Please note, we will not be discussing technical opportunities such as software development during this session, it is focusing on our business roles such as retail, finance and sales.


Monthly Women’s Event Series: “Silencing your inner critic” – 27 October

Women are more likely than men to underestimate their own abilities. How can you overcome your inner critic and gain confidence? This session will provide key tips on how to fight an impostor syndrome and perform well in job interviews. This webinar will be delivered by Amazonians from different parts of the business, and will be hosted in English. The session will finish with the opportunity to ask questions to our Amazon panel. Register here.


Non-Technical interview skills workshop – 29 October

This workshop, delivered by Amazon recruiters will teach you about the recruiting process for business graduate schemes and internships. The workshop will focus on different types of interviews, some hints and tips on how to structure answers, and give some example questions. The session will finish with Q&A.  Register here.