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UiPath is extending its team in Europe through new Inside Sales jobs, based in Germany and Amsterdam, aimed at students and young graduates.

We are looking for highly motivated, talented, & driven team players who are open for a new challenge and want to build some hands-on experience in the RPA space as working students, interns or full-time employees.

What will they be doing? Building on RPA knowledge gained during their academic years, they will have hands on contact with inbound/outbound customer calls and take their first step into the RPA world to see in which direction they want to develop and what options are open as a career path!

Thus, we are hosting a webinar for the new opportunities in Germany and Netherlands next week on April 20th from 5:00-6:00 CET. The registration link is In Amsterdam we have jobs for multilingual students (French, Danish, Norwegian, German, Spanish)

More information about the working student opportunity in Germany & how to apply can be found here: The rest of the jobs can be found here:

Anuncio de charla: «cloud native / serverless» maibornwolff. Jueves 15/4, 12:30

El próximo jueves 15 de abril a las 12:30 por el canal de Youtube de la ETSINF, la empresa maibornwolff realiza una presentación sobre tecnología cloud.

Since more and more applications are run in the cloud, the need for tools and good practices for cloud-native software development rises. They simplify the design, maintenance, and operation of applications in the cloud. Our guest lecture will provide an insight into the cloud’s service offers: With Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS), developers do not implement most features on their own, but choose ready-to-use services, which a cloud provider offers.
The field of serverless recently emerged as a new cloud computing paradigm, allowing to efficiently develop and deploy scalable applications without having to manage any underlying infrastructure. It is increasingly gaining momentum within the cloud community and is even recognized to be the next fundamental evolution in cloud-native software development. It further abstracts away hardware and operational concerns of cloud-based software engineering. Within the second part of the proposed guest lecture, we share some of our real-world experience working on serverless and function-based projects. We will share our thoughts and solutions regarding opportunities and challenges that come with serverless technology.


Jochen Joswig, Software Engineer

Chamsedine Mansouri, Cloud Platform Engineering

Anuncio de charla: JobLink Jueves 25/3,12:30. Empleabilidad TIC

El próximo jueves a las 12:30 por el canal de Youtube de la ETSINF, el portal de empleo JobLink realiza una presentación sobre empleabilidad TIC.

JOBLink - El portal de empleo | LinkedIn


1.1. Apartados necesarios y cómo describirlos para llamar la atención.

1.2. Adaptación del CV según tu perfil.

1.3. La importancia del diseño y cómo realizarlo. Extensión recomendada.

1.4. Típicos errores que se suelen cometer.

1.5. Videocurrículum.

1.6. Creación de carta de presentación.

1.7. Diferencia entre cartas generales o para ofertas específicas.

1.8. Adaptación de la carta según oferta.


2.1. Redacción del perfil de Linkedin.

2.2. Aspectos a tener en cuenta para aparecer en búsquedas.

2.3. Cómo obtener mayor visibilidad.

2.4. Cómo obtener conexiones útiles en Linkedin y cómo comunicar para tener éxito.

Anuncio de charla: «Modern security in an evolving world». Jueves 11/3. 12:30

Dentro del progama de charlas en colaboración con Xplore group, el próximo jueves 11 de marzo a las 12:30 y por el canal de Youtube de la escuela, se imparte el taller «Modern security in an evolving world».

Part 1: A small mistake?
When under pressure, a mistake is easily made. Any error, no matter how small, can have significant implications on a system. Today we present you with a real-life use case. A project, where different teams and the customer had to work together under high time pressure. Where a small mistake had major consequences. Where those major consequences had to be mitigated to prevent damage to the customer’s reputation.

An in-depth analysis and timeline, presented by Rutger Saelmans (Bsc & Ing Management & Security). Rutger is Managing Partner of nFuse, a Belgian company specialised in Application Managed Services. He and his team deliver top services to customers daily, and they make security a top priority.

Part 2: A Dev & Ops toolbox?
To carry out DevSecOps projects, you naturally need all kinds of tools. Instead of giving a simple list, we will link our examples to the case we discussed. They may not be the most obvious tools, but sometimes you need to think out of the box to come up with the right solutions!

Arif (Bsc DevSecOps expert) is the Technical Manager at nFuse. He is Rutger’s right hand, and together with him, he makes sure all projects run smoothly.

Anuncio de charla: «Infrastructure 2.0 with AWS»

Image result for AWS

Dentro del progama de charlas en colaboración con Xplora group, el próximo jueves 25 de febrero a las 12:30 y por el canal de Youtube de la escuela, se imparte el taller «Infrastructure 2.0 with AWS» por Bey Lenen de Gluo.

La inscripción a la charla es obligatoria (


Gluo is a company that believes in cloud, automation, infrastructure-
as-code, linux, DevOps culture, the right tools for the right job. This
workshop is very very practical and focused on getting students
involved in those technologies.

With the infrastructure 2.0 workshop we prove that infrastructure is
evolving. We do this by letting students deploy a sample application
the manual way, using the command line in an AWS cloud instance.

Summed up contents

In this workshop we’ll discover the following AWS services:

  • Cloud instances: EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) instances and Security Groups
  • Cloud databases: DynamoDB
  • Cloud load balancers: ELB (Elastic Load balancers)
  • Cloud storage: S3 (Simple Storage Service)
  • Cloud DNS: Route53
  • Cloud scaling: ASG (autoscaling group) and LC (Launch Configuration)
  • Cloud scripting: Cloudformation

Target group

This workshop is very much an introduction to Cloud Computing and AWS, meant for beginners and students. If you’re already familiar with other Cloud vendors like Microsoft’s Azure or Google Cloud, this will also be up your ally but might be too slow and «holding hands» a bit too much.

We do list every command you need to execute, but knowledge and some basic experience with the Linux commandline is required.