Oferta de prácticas VESC – Volvo Cars Engineering Student Concept








Oferta dirigida a estudiantes que estén realizando el proyecto final de carrera y estudiantes de máster.


  • Summer job for 4-10 weeks throughout the summer period of 2012
  • Thesis work during your Master’s Programme

In order to be eligible as a participant in the VESC programme you need to be in your first year of a 2- year Master’s Programme. In addition, you need to be fluent in English and/or Swedish.

Interviews will be held continuously, please send your application as soon as possible but no later than April 8th, 2012.

Apply by sending/uploading your CV, cover letter and a copy of your grades and courses in the same file. In your cover letter you are welcome to motivate if there is a unit that you are more interested in or a specific topic that you have in mind for your thesis work.

Take the chance to transform your idea to innovation! Apply for VESC during March 2012.

Volvo estará en el Foro de Empleo que se celebrará el 18 y 19 de abril de 2012 en la Universidad Politécnica deValencia

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