Oferta de Empleo – ESRF – Software Engineer For Web Data Analysis

La ESRF (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility) ofrece una oportunidad de empleo: Software Engineer For Web Data Analysis.

Un extracto de la oferta que puedes consultar y aplicar desde su web:


The ESRF is deeply involved in the European project PaNOSC, which aims to develop infrastructure for implementing Data Analysis as a Service and Open Science. In research centres across the globe, the production of scientific data is evolving significantly both in complexity and in volume, implying a substantial change in the way data are handled today, requiring new paradigms for data analysis. For this position, you will be working on-site in close collaboration with software engineers performing data analysis and interacting with scientists and users to assess and address their data analysis needs.

Your missions are the following:

  • Select and implement adapted solutions for interactive web-based scientific data visualization
  • Develop web front ends for data analysis applications and data processing workflows
  • Provide JupyterLab notebook solutions for specific need